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AVI to WMV Converter is intended to convert video from AVI to WMV
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Several video formats coexist nowadays; such is the case of avi and wmv, both developed by Microsoft. However, there are many times when you need to convert files between these two formats and this is when a video converter will come in handy.
AVI to WMV Converter was developed with this purpose in mind. Whenever software developers are designing new software, they face a dilemma. On one hand, if they favor developing a very comprehensive application, it may turn out to be too difficult for the intended users. On the other hand, designing an easy-to-use application will sometimes mean renouncing to the ambitions of making it as complete as possible. In this respect, the developers of AVI to WMA Converters seem to have opted for easiness; and its ease comes hand in hand with its specificity. So, if you are an advanced user, you will find this program too limited. On the contrary, if you are a beginner, this is perhaps the kind of software you have been looking for.
The interface is extremely simple with the same looks present in other popular conversion software. There is a list containing the files to convert and buttons to handle the elements in this list. The program supports individual as well as batch conversion. There is practically nothing to decide on; there is only one input format (avi) and one output format (wmv). One thing you can choose is the quality of the resulting files.
The trial version of this shareware has too many restrictions. It will continually nag you with registration screens and will only convert 10 items from the list during all the testing period.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is extremely easy to use


  • It only converts between two sound formats
  • The trial version has many limitations
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